Thursday, 5 February 2009

Hot tub ... a great success

Softub arrival at Geshaview was a great success. Interest from many of the day's visitors proved that this amazing new product will be a roaring success in the future. Ready and waiting 24/7 the Softub is great for any season of the year.

120 visitors to the courtyard building

Over 100 visitors descended on the main courtyard building for the celebration. Views from the terrace restaurant stretched 40 kms. The sun shone and the melting snow gave for a memorable time underfoot.

3 year celebration

Jan 16th 2009 saw the geshaview rural village celebrating its 3rd birthday. Welcoming clients , businesses and the media from around Bulgaria. The whole day shone and the completion of the courtyard building together with the launch of the phase 7 properties was enjoyed by all.