Thursday, 27 October 2011

Severe weather causes damage to the trees at Geshaview

On the 17th October 2011, Bulgaria experienced severe weather conditions. Heavy snowfall and hurricane force winds caused major disruption to traffic with many mountain passes blocked, trapping cars, lorries and heavy vehicles. Widespread power cuts were reported in Eastern and Northern Bulgaria.

Unfortunately, Geshaview did not escape the snow and strong winds.

There was major damage to some of the trees, but luckily all of the houses remained unscathed. The road leading to the village was blocked by fallen trees and the power failure lasted for 15 hours.

In the video above, David Hollands shows some of the damage and explains how the natural drainage system is coping with the thawing snow.

The next issue of the Geshaview newsletter will have a full report and photographs.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Archaeological dig near Geshaview - part one

Bulgaria is known as the crossing point of Europe and Asia with Greece, Turkey and the Mediterranean coast only 200 miles from the capital Sofia. Steeped in history, connected to ancient civilisations, the Roman and Byzantine empires, today, Bulgaria is left holding priceless art and architecture preserved throughout the centuries.

David Hollands travelled to a location close to Geshaview to meet a group of archaeologists from the New Bulgarian University, Sofia, as they dug for roman remains.

In part two, David discovers more about the dig, gets to hold a freshly unearthed coin from the 4th century and discusses what the archaeologists hope to find and the future of the dig.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Bozhentsi village in Bulgaria

Bozhentsi village and architectural reserve in central Bulgaria is noted for its well-preserved National Revival architecture and history. (Also known as: Bozhenci, Bojenci, Bojenzi, Bo┼żenci, Bojentsi, Bojentzi).

David Hollands gives a short introduction to the village which is just a short distance from Geshaview. To discover more about this ancient Bulgarian village visit the page about Bozhentsi (Bojenci) on the Geshaview website.
Many thanks to Paul Mehrer for allowing us to use his pictures.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Brazilian President visits Bulgaria

The President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, visited her father's birthplace of Gabrovo whilst she was on her official tour of Bulgaria.

Her cavalcade then drove close to Geshaview as she passed through Dryanovo on her way to Veliko Tarnovo. David Hollands was on hand to witness the event and count the cars.