Monday, 16 May 2011

The Belgium Ambassador visits Geshaview

The Belgium Ambassador, Marc Micheilsen, visited Geshaview on the 
13 May 2011 as a guest of the Mayor of Dryanovo, Dr Ivan Nikolov.

The Belgium Ambassador, Marc Micheilsen (third from left), and guests, were given a
tour of Geshaview by David, Julian and Dessi.

The visit was spent understanding the sustainable aspects of the village, its future in the world of education, culture and forgotten values. Functioning as a destination for a wide range of activities Geshaview is being found by an increasing number of people who can understand the forward vision of the project and its community.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Arts Festival brochure is now available

6 May - 19 May 2011
The First Geshaview International Arts Festival has now begun with the arrival of the artists and sculptors. The 16 page brochure for the Arts Festival produced by Geshaview, in association with Gallery Panev, is now available to read. The brochure contains introductions to each of the participating artists and sculptors with samples of their work, as well as information about Gallery Panev and Geshaview. There is also a Festival Event Calendar with details of the programme for the Festival.

The brochure is available to read either as an ebook (above) or can be downloaded in a PDF version. If the link to the ebook above doesn't work you can try this link to the First Geshaview International Arts Festival web page where there are links to both the ebook and the PDF.