Thursday, 4 December 2008

The roof goes on the Geshaview Courtyard

The roof of the Geshaview Courtyard in Bulgaria is now under construction and the structure begins to take shape.
The Courtyard will have a wide range of shops, restaurants, cafes, creche, cinema, bank, conferencing facilities as well as apartments.

The Courtyard will be the hub of life in the village supplying day-to-day provisions of organic, locally grown fruit and vegetables, pharmacy and a wine cellar for residents and guests as well as ladies and gents fashion and accessories, an art gallery and local crafts and souvenirs of Bulgaria.

The view from the terrace cafe across the village rooftops to the Bulgarian landscape beyond is truly impressive.

To read more about the Geshaview Courtyard visit the page at our website:

Friday, 28 November 2008

FREE DVD's and CD's

We have available a range of DVD's and audio CD's. These are FREE on request and are designed to give you an insight into the unique rural village of Geshaview in Bulgaria.

FREE DVD's for you to watch:
The 'Geshaview' DVD gives an overview, understanding and feeling of the Geshaview village concept.

The 'Hot-tub' DVD
Introduces the range of 'Softub' personal spa baths which we think will be a great addition to any property, giving 'added value' especially if you intend to use your property for holiday lets.

FREE audio CD's for you to listen to:
The range of audio CD's cover diverse topics from the overall concept behind Geshaview, the investment potential through to Climate Change strategy.
Visit the Geshaview website at: for more details on the village and to order your FREE copies from the range of DVD's and CD's.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Geshaview mentioned in Alfavitalis magazine

An article praising the Geshaview village has appeared in the Bulgarian magazine 'Alfavitalis'.
The article - in Bulgarian and English - describes the village as being '...surrounded by nature' and having '...indescribable beauty at the lap of the balkan'.

Conference in Bulgaria discusses property market

Julian Georgiev, Manager of Simplibulgaria, (developers of Geshaview) recently attended a conference to discuss the effects that the global crisis is having on the Bulgarian property market.

The article reported that most speakers were confident that the real Bulgarian property market was starting to emerge.
Julian commented that "The industry was in need of 'hot spots', but 'hot spots' have short lives".  He went on to say "...we now have to analyze all the downsides of the business and the reasons that caused the poor performance of the market". 

Monday, 3 November 2008

1-2-3... ready... steady... go... next winter with hot tubs

1 Experience... 2 good to be true... 
3 sizes and prices

A hot tub on the balcony or in the garden is a great addition to your property... especially in the winter.

With constant  of between 28 and 40 degrees you will experience an invigorating time, every time.

A great addition to your property to 'gain the edge' on holiday lettings and repeat visits to your property.

3 sizes are available to fit all budgets. Eco friendly, cost efficient and payback within 3 years.

Landscaping growing every day

November and the grass is growing in Geshaview.
Recently seeded in late September and we are already seeing growth of grass in many areas of the village.
Landscaping of phase 1 and 2 of the village is well underway and the spring promises a glorious splash of colour.
During the next 3 months (snow permitting) the landscaping will develop into phase 3 and 4 of the project and the roads, track and walkways will all start to appear.

Friday, 31 October 2008

hot tubs get more rental income

Placing a hot tub into your property is a great idea. It is a great way to replace an expensive swimming pool. Ideal for kids and safe for the elderly. Hot all the time and fantastic in the snow. It only takes 1 and a half hours to set up and it is instantly warm.
Hot tubs that you can pick up and move around, have inside and in the garden are a fantastic future.

Latest picture of the Geshaview village

The Geshaview village is very picturesque in the autumn sunshine as the picture above shows.

Hot Tubs come to Geshaview

Placed on every balcony and in the garden this eco-friendly hot tub can be used all year round. Ideal for children's fun, health invigorating properties or romantic champagne evenings.
This unique hot tub design is comfortable and offers an experience either under the summer sun or in 3 feet of crisp white snow.

Hot tubs will be available from 1st January 2009 to order.
There are 3 sizes available: 2 person, 4 person and 6 person.
Prices start from approximately €7,000.

Your hot tub can be placed on your balcony, roof terrace, patio or garden and can be moved easily to a different position within 4 hours.

This added value luxury lifestyle addition to your property will encourage holiday letting income and will only incur minimum maintenance costs.

Please call our Uk Sales Office: 01202 417760.