Monday, 29 March 2010

Look! No tarmac!!

Work has started on putting the top surface onto the pathways around the village, and not an inch of tarmac in sight!
As the construction of this phase of the village nears completion we can start to put the finishing touches to the landscaping and pedestrian access.
In keeping with the 'car free and eco-friendly' policy of the village the paths are being made with natural materials that are compacted to produce a stable and even surface for walking on.

Owners visit their property in Geshaview

Colin, Pam and Steve with Yana at Geshaview.

Geshaview property owners Colin Perry and Pam & Steve Foster visited their house in the village recently and we are pleased to be able to quote a few of their comments.

Pam and Steve wrote to say:
"Just returned last night from a wonderful trip to Geshaview WOW what a change..."
"...It's much better in real life."
"It looks a magical place, and when everything is finally finished, it will be a place of outstanding beauty."
"Both Steve and myself were stunned with our property..."
"It's a great credit to everyone in Geshaview..."

Colin's comments were:
"May I say that the house, although not quite completed, was superb, from the outside to the inside upstairs and down was great."
"...the entire development is outstanding..."
"I am so, so happy with my purchase..."

We will reproduce their letters in more detail in the next issue of the Geshaview newsletter.
We are very satisfied that the uncompromising attention to detail and superb Bulgarian craftsmanship is being recognised by all who visit the village.
As the village awakens from a very harsh winter we would encourage any owner or prospective purchaser to hop on a plane to Bulgaria and visit the village to see for themselves!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Geshaview newsletter

The latest issue of the Geshaview newsletter is now available to read in English and Bulgarian. We have combined the March and April issues to create an 8 page information packed issue for you to read.

This month we discuss the design of the Courtyard and how its unique shape will enhance the sound experience for musical recitals, dance festivals and theatrical performances.

We are also proud to be co-hosting the Fifth International Art Festival 'Dryanovo 2010' in conjunction with the Municipality of Dryanovo, the Panev family and Mr George Valev. The festival takes place from 6th - 22nd of May 2010. See page 3 for more information.

With seven restaurants Geshaview is well placed to cater for a variety of tastes. On pages 4 and 5 we whet your appetite with a brief description of the culinary delights you can expect.

You can download a PDF or you can view it online as an E-book. These can also be found on our website, along with all the other back issues at: