Friday, 29 July 2011

The roads and pathways at Geshaview

The underlying principle behind the Geshaview village has been an eco-friendly approach to its construction.
One example of this is the roads and pathways that meander around the village.
No tarmac or concrete, no kerbs, drains or gutters, no cars!

The materials used for the roads are from the nearby quarry and the construction takes into account the natural drainage of surface water.
In part one of a video series David Hollands gives an introduction to the roads and the thinking behind their construction.
For more information and a picture gallery of the village visit the Geshaview village website.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Bridge over the pond at Geshaview

Part of the landscaping at Geshaview has been the pond and traditional style bridge.
The pond is not only an attractive feature it also plays an important role in the village
water catchment system.

The bridge creates an idyllic location that is set to be the backdrop of a million photographs.
Built with reclaimed beams and designed in the traditional Bulgarian style, the bridge connects the main village to the forest townhouses and the forest edge.
As the pond matures during the autumn and winter, it will be stocked with fish, and, plants that are naturally found in the area will be slowly introduced.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Latest issue of the Geshaview newsletter

The July 2011 issue of the Geshaview Newsletter is now available for downloading.

In this 8 page issue David Hollands gives a personal report on the First Geshaview International Arts Festival which took place in May.
The issue also includes an article on the building of the pond and bridge as well as a progress report on the Courtyard.
A new feature is a link to a YouTube video on some of the articles which give a more dynamic view of the village.
If the link to the ebook version above doesn't work you can either try this link to the Geshaview Newsletter ebook.
Or you can view the PDF version and all the back issues of the Geshaview Newsletter here.