Friday, 28 January 2011

Melting icicles at Geshaview

The peace and quiet of Geshaview is broken only by the sound of melting icicles.
This clip was taken by David Hollands on the 27th January 2011.

Winter scene at Geshaview

The Geshaview village lies peacefully under a blanket of snow.
This short video clip, taken by David Hollands, shows the latest snowfall at Geshaview and was taken on the 27th January 2011.
Visit the Geshaview website to see the picture gallery.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

New look Geshaview website and blog

The Geshaview village web site (and this blog) have been up-dated to reflect that we are now getting ready to position Geshaview for the future – as a holiday destination!
New look Geshaview website.
The first thing you will notice about the new web site is that the focus is no longer on selling property.
Of course, there are still houses and apartments for sale at Geshaview, but the future of the village is in it becoming a holiday destination.
This re-design is very much looking to the future. many of you will be aware that some of the proposed facilities are not available at the moment (this will be fully explained to anyone who enquires about a holiday at Geshaview) but we anticipate that throughout 2011 the village will begin to come alive with visitors.
The next issue of our newsletter will contain a detailed overview of how the website functions, but why not have a look at the new Geshaview website yourself?

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

InspirationPlus Workshops at Geshaview

May 20th - May 23rd 2011
An Exploration of Earth Energies

Stephen Coburn will be presenting his first workshop entitled ‘An Exploration of Earth Energies Workshop’. This will be an opportunity to explore and discover the Energy and Healing power that abound from ancient rocks, trees and land that form the matrix of the Geshaview village in Bulgaria.

An inspired opportunity to spend time in a special place created and embraced by nature and explore its hidden secrets.

More details and a booking form are on our website:

Spiritual Retreats at Geshaview...

April 1st - April 4th 2011
Reconnecting the Heart in the Heart of Bulgaria.
The heart energy overrides everything. It has no opinion on your spiritual belief, what your lifestyle is, what colour you are, what your profession may be, or what age or gender you are. But, when you are in the heart energy you are truly at the heart of the matter.
Geshaview will welcome you as it opens its heart and holds you in the palm of its hand, at this very special place upon the earth.
This Spiritual Retreat is led by
Valery Coburn.

More details and a booking form are on our web site: