Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Geshaview newsletter gets bigger and better!

The latest 12 PAGE issue of the Geshaview newsletter is now available to download and read.
Topics covered include how to arrange a summer 'Discovery Trip' and details on the dwellings remaining to be sold, and the ways you can become a part of the Geshaview village.
We also introduce you to Stephen and Valery Coburn who are organising the first wellbeing workshops due to take place in September.
You can download a PDF or you can view it online as an E-book. These can also be found on our website, along with all the other back issues at: www.geshaview.eu/geshaview_newsletter_issues.html

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The natural colours of Geshaview

The stones have been carefully preserved and positioned around the village.

With the onset of spring the efforts of the landscaping team at Geshaview are being realised.
The grass is growing, the trees are coming into leaf and Geshaview is showing its true colours.
Because we took such care in preserving the trees and stones they are now providing the village with a true feeling of being embraced by nature.
But, don't take our word for it. Give Amie a call on 01202 566376 and arrange a Discovery Trip so you can experience the tranquility for yourself.
The 'Circle' at Geshaview. The place to sit and absorb the atmosphere.

Even the pathways blend in with the natural colours of the stonework.

Bulgarian National Television at Geshaview

The Bulgaria National Television Channel 1 visited Geshaview to shoot material about the village. The team, including a reporter and 2 cameramen, were interested with the concept and the story behind the creation of "...such a magnificent and splendid project on such a large scale".
The film crew at work.

The reporter, Mrs. Ivelina Belcheva, interviewed Julian Georgiev and David Hollands. She was a real professional who soon became a true friend and a big fan of Geshaview.
The documentary also meets British people who have settled in Bulgaria and, although in Bulgarian, gives an insight into their lives.
Follow the link below to see the material about the region of Veliko Tarnovo and Dryanovo in Bulgaria.
The Bulgarian documentary can be watched here

Julian being interviewed.

David is interviewed by Ivelina Belcheva.
The cameraman filming at the Geshaview 'Circle'.